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The purpose of this site is to provide a central Xfig repository for the diverse documentation and programs available on the web. All the components and libraries will be available at this site, in addition to Xfig drawings.

Download version 3.2.5 of Xfig and Transfig

I became interested in Xfig while drawing schematics for my homebrew computer project in 1996. Xfig combined with GNU/Linux and the GIMP were the only combination of tools I could get to do everything I needed for my fairly complex schematic. I wanted the lines to curve a certain way and I wanted to put information on both sides of the border of the ICs in the schematic. I also needed to export the schematic into graphics format and tweak the presentation. I tried AutoCAD and Visio. AutoCAD didn't allow me to curve the lines correctly. At one point Visio told me that my drawing was too complicated and I should simplify it. I kid you not. That is when my love for Xfig fully blossomed.

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