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Updated Xfig and Transfig Software
Topic:Configuration   Date: 2013-08-29
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Xfig and Transfig have been updated. Here is the Xfig and Transfig 3.2.5 software:

Changes to Transfig/fig2dev

Patchlevel 5e (August 2013)

	o HTML map output was limited to 100 links.
	  Fix by Jan van Dijk
	o Updated for compatibility to PNG 1.5
	  From Matthias Scheler
	o Was adding "showpage" command when producing bitmap formats from intermediate EPS.
	  This produced "illegal" PNG and JPEG files with extra, blank image.
	o Maximum width of included image in PS/EPS output increased from 8192 to 16384
	o Precision of some PIC objects increased from %.2f to %.3f
	o Double close of output file when ghostscript fails. Original bug report from

Changes to Xfig:

Patchlevel 5c (August, 2013)

	o Increased default width of layer panel from 58 to 64 to accomodate scrollbar width
	o missing comma in FIXED_JAPANESE_PDF #ifdef case in w_cmdpanel.c
	o printer name enclosed in apostrophes when printing in case has spaces in name
	o new link from Elizabeth Bailey for Fig applications referenced in installation.html
	o old link to duke.uask.ca for Fig applications has new link in installation.html
	o Typo in message "GIF read error on extention ..." should be "extension"
	o Possibility of stack overflow with malformed Fig files.
	o In version 1.4 of the PNG library dither was removed so xfig now uses quantize when
	  importing PNG images with palettes
	o Other updates for PNG library version 1.5 from Peter Volkov
	o Some versions of Cygwin don't have either REG_NOERROR or REG_OKAY defined so 
	  REG_NOERROR defined to be 0
	o Changed X-Spline parameter to match original intent of X-Spline authors:
	  changed definition of Q(s) from -s to -0.5 * s in u_draw_spline.c
	o Allowance for stricter ghostscript in -dSAFER mode.  Was causing error on reading EPS images.
	  From Hans de Goede
	o Security vulnerability with importing images fixed 
	  (RedHat bug # 657981 - xfig buffer overflow when opening .fig file with malicius color definition)
	o When exporting to combined PS/PDF/LATEX the -D option to exclude all but active layers
	  was not passed to fig2dev
	o Uses 24-bit color instead of 8-bit when importing eps files (pcx24b driver for ghostscript)
	o Bug in freeing null fontset
	o Semicolon (;) added at end of MimeType line in xfig.desktop as per
	o Reference to "Darwin Ports" changed to "MacPorts"
	o Renamed O_TEXT to O_TXT to avoid conflicts with system define
	o On lines with Round or Projecting cap style and arrowheads, the line endpoint stuck out
	  beyond the arrowhead
	From Vladsilav Zavjalov:
	o Uses fontsets for all fonts in international mode
	o SEGV when zooming while creating object (e.g. text)
	o Add locale_encoding appres which acts similar to euc_encoding, but uses system locale and
	  mbrlen function for multibyte character length calculation.
	o Move "file not found" error message from check_docfile() to launch_viewer(), 
	  remove excess check_docfile() call.
	  Error message is not shown when looking for a locale-dependent docs. It is shown only
	  if no docs found at all.
	o Do not do strcpy with equal arguments in w_cmdpanel.c/update_cur_filename()
	o Print to file had extra argument in sprintf in international mode
	o Message panel not tall enough with 3D Athena widgets
	o Warnings about different size of int and void * on 64-bit system.
	  To fix this problem I changed int to intptr_t in some places.

	o New library objects from Markus Laner:
	  Networks: NodeB.fig, cloud.fig, router.fig, wlan.fig
	  Computers: datacard.fig, screen.fig, usbpen.fig, xbox.fig
	o New command-line option -nowrite_bak to turn off automatic renaming of .fig to .fig.bak
	  when saving .fig file.  X resource is "write_bak".  Also command-line option -write_bak
	  to force renaming to true.
	o Can now specify small buttons with command-line argument -smallicons
	  From Ed Rosten


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